Ureteral Double J Stent

Ureteral Double J Stent adalah alat kesehatan disposible yang digunakan untuk operasi URS. Ureteral Double J Stent dimasukkan ke dalam saluran ureter menggunakan alat URS Set.

Detail produk :

Ureteral Double J Stent

Ureteral Stent

We offer a wide assortment of ureteral stent which are used for medical purposes such as internal drainage from the uretropelvic junction to the bladder, as a provisional measure. Our range is made with premium quality material such as polyurethane that it gives maximum comfort to the patient. Our stents are meant for single use and these are also available in thread (suture) and gide wire+clamp model. We have the facility to deliver our range immidiate. Following are the main features of our range

  • Highly radiopeque for easier visualization.
  • Extremely low encrustation tendency.
    Wide lumen for superior drainage

Note:- stents also available THREAD(SUTURE), guide wire+clamp

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