Spesifikasi Ri-Scope L Otoscope Merk Riester

Ri-Scope L Otoscope adalah alat untuk memeriksa telinga. Alat ini biasanya digunakan untuk pemeriksaan oleh dokter spesialis THT. Teknologi yang digunakan oleh Ri-Scope L Otoscope Merk  Riester ini adalah menggunakan lampu LED sehingga menghasilkan sinar yang maximal dan hemat battery.

The ri-scope® L opens a new era of high-performance and user-friendly diagnostic instruments. Li-ions/LED technology and new high-performance instruments signi?cantly reduce costs while improving both effectiveness and reliability. Essentially improved optics and functions of the instrument.

LED illumination – Bright, white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime.

With its monochromatic white light (reference color temperature = 5.500° Kelvin) the lamp in the ri-scope® L provides cold light and true-color, even illumination of the area under examination.

Lamps with LED technology have a lifetime of at least 10,000 hours (compared to 20-30 hours with halogen and Xenon lamps) and are extremely energy-ef?cient.

LED illumination is available with all Riester E.N.T. instruments and ri-derma® with lithium batteries or Li-ion batteries with alternative handles, Types C or AA.

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