Spesifikasi Dan Gambar Riester Laryngoscope

Riester Laryngoscope adalah suatu alat yang  digunakan untuk mempermudah pemasangan Endo Tracheal Tube (ETT). Alat ini biasanya digunakan di IGD, Kamar Operasi, ICU dan Ruang perawatan. Tersedia dalam 2 kategori yaitu Riester Laryngoscope Anak dan Riester Laryngoscope Dewasa.

Riester laryngoscopes are reliable quality products. They are excellently finished and guarantee extreme durability. All handles and blades are made of high quality materials and are subjected to strict quality controls.

The Riester program comprises all conventional laryngoscope models with excellent LED and xenon illumination and fiber optics or with tried and tested 2.7 V vacuum illumination.

Exceptionally high light intensity thanks to XL xenon and LED-illumination technology and the extra-strong fiber bundles of the F.O. blade.
Macintosh and Miller blades with innovative blade design for optimum visibility of the epiglottis and vocal chords, simple insertion of the endotracheal tube.
Large choice of power sources:
– manoeuvrable and sturdy battery handles and
– practical charging bases.
Wide selection of laryngoscope sets for paediatrics and adults with particularly convincing cost effectiveness. All handles and blades are supplied singly and each can be individually combined within the fiber optics or standard model ranges.

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