Miliki OSRAM Theratherm PAR38 Set Sekarang Juga

OSRAM Theratherm PAR38 Set adalah suatu alat yang digunakan untuk penyinaran infra red. Alat ini biasa digunakan oleh seorang fisioterapis. Berikut adalah spesifikasi produk OSRAM Theratherm PAR38 Set :

Product benefits

  • Instantly emit full thermal output as soon as switched on
  • Pleasant and even glow thanks to pigmented red filter
  • Optimum deep-acting effect thanks to bundling with internal parabolic reflector
  • High intensity beam
  • Little or no risk of local overheating if placed at least 50 cm away
    Create a warm cosy atmosphere

Areas of application

  • Body care
  • Wellness
  • Cosmetic beauty treatment
  • Relaxation zones in swimming pools or saunas
  • Domestic wellness treatments

Product features

Dominant radiatin wavelength: 1,100 nm

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